Why do some escorts hide their faces?

Nov 01, 2023
Why do some escorts blur or hide their faces on their photos? The simple reason for this is privacy. Some, or most escorts are happy to include their pictures showing their face and much more, but others like their escorting life to be private.

If you would like to keep your escorting lifestyle private from friends, family or your perhaps your other job. Blurring or hiding your face may be the best option. Doing this does have it pros, but it also has its cons too.

Many individuals who book escorts, like to see the full package, including the escorts face. Although most escorts have smoking hot bodies, most people who book time with an escort like to see their facial features and see if there is an instant attraction before the booking.

If you only provide escort services on certain days, or if it is a second income to your main job, perhaps hiding your profile is better in case your boss happens to see your profile. But if you really want to get your name out there. Show off your stunning good looks by featuring your pictures in full. This is the best way to advertise to ensure your get many calls and bookings every day. There are many escorts featured on escort directories that show their full photos, including their face and naked bodies. An escort must decide whether the amount of bookings or privacy is the most important thing to them.
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